Wednesday, March 1, 2017

OK then, let's make recipe coin

Successful coins capture a hedge in the mass layer and leverage it in the cash layer.  Let us organize a group of home maker mathematicians and snooker the Fed.

The contract, agreed to by the home makers is they buy  60% of their groceries from the recipe club.  They have to order via a set of recipes, organized by recipe bot. The club purchases the Rednck systems standard A&L pit and declares recipe coin, members save and borrow according to their fuure meal planning.

Then what? Sell cycles on the order graph to WalMart and Savemart, in store pick up! The retail grocers get a peek at the recipe coin S&L graph, they can read the recipe book, they got the stats, they can buy in bulk.  Thus the home maker shares in the productive gains the home maker generates when joining the club.  Our cards will give us the green on this, and our card can be set up to enforce the grocery rule, or report violations.

Redneck Systems offers the standard fulfillment interface to the mass layer, swo the retailers can treate the order book as your standard 'store step'  delivery problem.  But their is an additional uncertainty, the retailers still remained one step removed from door step delivery, likely the most efficient method.  In other words, get yhe stuff to the corner market,my bike can do the rest.  But theri is a variance between my individual recipe purchases and the locally measured typical.

What about multi-currency checkout?

This is the tough problem, really, multi-colored prices.  At he checkout, retailers want to accept recipe coins, in dribbles.  It is to their benefit to pass the cost of reading the recipe coin graph.  Smart cards can handle the issue, but I think in a multi-currency payments, the price compression is a multi-sequence transaction. You and he check out clerk have to negotiate a fair price on the most significant coin, then do another for the next significant, until done. The red/green assumes the multi color world can be decomposed into a series of two color transactions. Unless the Russian methetician I have locked up is hiding something. The  smart cards know how to do this, humans do not even notice except red/green is maintained.

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