Saturday, March 18, 2017

Old California vs Yawker

Jerry is going to DC to defend his right to haul empty steel cars around the useless San Jose Light Rail system.  

Here is where the fun starts.  Transit funding and cafe standards are the least part of the conflict.  The bigger part is the ever close integration of the Southwest economy, and the blowback that will cause the Trumpster. Here is the part about California, Swamp integration:

The state budget relies on more than $105 billion in federal funding. Following Trump’s budget release this week, Brown’s finance director, Michael Cohen, said in a prepared statement that “it’s hard to know where to begin.” 
ld “The President’s Budget proposes a complete withdrawal of the federal government’s commitment to working with states to solve the critical issues of the country - from environmental protection and emergency preparedness to transportation and other infrastructure,” he said.

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