Saturday, March 18, 2017

Pewter Theil adn his his company have become Communist rats

Bloomberg: Founded in 2004, Palantir is among Silicon Valley’s most highly valued and secretive companies. In addition to Abramowitz’s investment firm KT4 Partners LLC, an early backer was the venture capital arm of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Palantir’s customers include government spy agencies around the world. It’s well-positioned to cash in on more government work thanks to Thiel’s relationship with President Donald Trump.
Let me get this straight.  The companies value added is that it searches tech and has an inside relationship with the prez.  Does thaty not make Peter Thiel an enemy of the sandbox? Does this not mean that we have the right of nullification and secession?

Something is not right, this is practically an impeachable offense if this report ism true,a causas belli, but no one seems to notice. If Steve Bannon is this stupid, then Trump ain't lasting long.

A deeper point is that Palantir likely uses financial data, and when we complete the sandbox, hey have no business. We should all worry when VC go communist, like Musk.

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