Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Price discovery is a conserved effort

The change in debt levels indicates price discovery in process.

In this case, all the government baskets from the senate have to be priced, and the debt levels vary by about 3%, as we see on the far right.

Here is the problem, I can do a 3% arrival jitter on my bike trip to the corner store.  I can, ultimately, hedge the government tax man.  I can always arrange to get my regular government cookie, plus avoid much of the cost by sneaking deliveries on my bike.  Tis is specially true if me and my grocer are competing with Jeff Bezos, we always win and my arrival jitter drops below 1%.

But, at 100% of GDP, the Swamp is consuming all the available S&L float at risk needed for price discovery.  So all the markets are conditional on government resolution in the Swamp. Nothing moves forward until the Swamp does a bit more mark to market, and pay an amortization charge or default.

The Trumpster and Committee of Space Cowboys is going to solve this  problem.
Who is on the committee? Timmy, Elon and he flying car kids. They all know where this is headed, to the sandbox, and their kids might actually have figured out fair trading. So, Timmy and the boys have a conflict, they are going to tell the son-in-law the truth, and the copter ride is almost certain during the Trumpster regime.

So, my guess is we have five major players looking to buy hardware wallet vendors, exchange servers, pricing engine technology, tokenization systems software, secure element pre-configured designs. For example, bitcoin, we going to get two of them,  b oth operational and co-existing in the sandbox, and that defines most of the layering standard we need.  Government;s hand is forced, the commitments made.  It is like, technology heaven squared, geekdom to the limt.

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