Monday, March 13, 2017

Red/Green at the end points and bit error volatility

The connection is simple. The hardware wallet shows red/green as a price travels a concave price surface.  The bit error will keep volatility within a bound over the concave pricing region.  It insures the pricing does not jump a convex zag in supply/demand.  App developers are acutely aware of this relationship, it shows up in on line ad clicks.

The sandbox acts like a variable sized finite element integrating machine.  We, at the end points,can count along if the element counting are granular enough. If they are too granular, the lines gets long.  The bit error adjusts the finite element step size in real time, and our local integration works as long as we follow red/green.  There is a general discovery process for a semi repeatable distribution.  But there are a host of short cuts when the app developer is clever, and gets the hardware wallets into the hands of their captured distribution. The first set of apps pick the cherry's where price discovery is obvious, maybe they are digitizing an existing market.  In those cases, just adopt the existing price system.  Redneck systems does the general discovery, amazing price compression, best in the world.

But some simple red green functions that work.  let your bitcoin traders pickmg a number that counts the number of past transactions to remember. Then red/green some a regression trend over that N and reports the deviations from trend.  It works because you are screwing with the bit error parameters at the it, getting close to match so you do not lose your shirt on the launch. There is some denomination of micro bitcoin for which you bred/green will work. Somewhere a group of bitcoin savers and borrowers will put up some tiny bits. Remember, you transaction costs are zero.  You will get customers, even customers who know you are an experiment, there are always the gamers.

Search knitting, off the top of my head.  What comes up on the search list are a bunch of sites, that collectively, constitute a buyers clubs. Granny can start the knitters site, and believe me, Walmart will be right behind her, wanting to deliver high quality wool and other supplies. At zero transaction costs, the knitting clun is a captured distribution more accurate than current Walmart inventory flow.  It raises the money earned on inventory space.

Folks who knit want the club, and they want the red green.  They can place order ahead of time, with fle pricing.  Autotrading, this is key,it optimizes delivery and that is what the club is about. But the consumer wants the red/green, it is the guarantee. My extra room is a mass of carpet weaving inventory, I want it automated, and that means autotrading on the catalog and saving knit coins. Checking my knot coin account is like checking red/green for my hobby, making it sustainable.

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