Monday, March 6, 2017

So the new protocol stack is clear

From top to bottom:

  • Application: Account management, purchases, deliveries
  • Interpreter: Basic Python, Javascript protocol and exchange and compression services
  • Networking
  • Pure cash
  • Hardware

I have pure cash as a basic likelihood manager, of short order running right above hardware, doing buffer management.  My nested distributions are simply a set of bare cross multipliers, so to speak. A kid of simple spreadsheet function about which the protected account sheet is built.  It is really a kind of programming calculator, with double entry rules, embedded right above hardware. But it can engage in auto pricing, thus buffer management.

The closeness to hardware is mostly security, and secondly, roundness of parameter space.  Operations kept uniform and close to hardware will produce information at increasing with cycle count.  This prevents jitter jumpers among the bots.

In my view, all security is managed by the interpreter. So, network security is also an interpreter promise. Hence, my constant mention of this new company that delivers thae rock solid sandbox enabled python machine.

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