Sunday, March 5, 2017

Swarming, millennial, Asian venture investors

Or as Bloomberg puts it:
Rich Asian Millennials Pool Family Fortunes to Build Venture Fund
My advice would be to invest in my companies, except I am politically incorrect.  So their second best bet is to read my blog about Fintech and find those jewels, or even the scratchy pearls, will do; then invest.

Start with the hardware wallet companies.  Pick a few, and learn their game.  I think there is plenty of opportunity for diversity in that market, monopolism is a long way off, specialty the key.  Just keep in mind the basics of sandbox, they all follow that.

Then watch the exchange companies. You are looking for a company exactly like Redneck, thew invented here on this blog. If necessary, steal this blog URL and pretend to be a better version of me, then go do the company.

Then we have the quant companies, the geniuses who write trading bots and dsign markets with yhe redneck systems.
But wait, there is the secure python market.
What about token management? Several opportunities, not to forget the interface to smart contracts, the fulfillment function.  And that leads to putting goodies and thumbprints into contact.

Don't let me forget the price beacon industry, and all this simply leads to singularity 2.0 as we move pricing higher up in our world view.  Wait? Did I fail to mention the reconfigurable networks?

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