Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The basket and the app

In the sandbox, groups maintain a relative basket size. The app coordinates the group by keeping their baskets optimally full.

Whoa! An example?
You go into the travel business, and collect he statistics of hotel stays in Baka California. Huffman encode them to a 6% error,  and you get s four rank decoding encoding tree.  You have basket sizes, composed of path lengths from root to  leaf. The basket is number of days, and days to price assumed smooth.

Big deal? Yes,if gives you the hyptothetical sequence of semi random travelers to Baja Hotels. You know the sequence, you measure it each season, you got the list of typical hotel stays.  All your clients sign up, they generally pick within the current basket sizes, your inventory volatility is minimized, the gains shared with clients and hotels.

Add the honest wallet, and clients and hotels co-plan, look ahead, with purchases of hotel discounts backed by S&L technology.  And clients can operate slightly out of band, buying a week-end suddenly when travelers are short.   All parties, then, have a common red/green function as mean equals variance at stability, the hard wallet generates an absolute red/green regardless of whether you are a ten day or three day traveler/. The red/green agreement, is essential because it lets you set the bit error volatility bounds at the pit.

So, we can see the powerful concept behind the sandbox, the closed set of coin conserving container algebras. But you always needs a locally linear 'fullness', generally product count you sell to the hypothetical carrying capacity of the customer.

Your company odds

Your travel company will end up holding hotel rooms, now and then, under your account.  Your are sharing currency risk.  Your risk is easy to compute. If some guests stay three nights, typically, then you will beholding one or two rooms open yourself. Then you have a group of ten day travelers, and one might think you need to hold as many as eight rooms now and then. But, you have flexibility, you can share left overs with the three room group.  Then the theory says, we hope, that over all cases, the odds are you will hold about 6% of each basket size. This is not much, but it may be duplicated of space where customers between spaces are not directly congesting each other.

Managed congestion, share the basket size information with suppliers and demanders.  Then your potential up and down side are bounded, but you make bucks because all customers go to your ads first when shopping for Baja days. That is the name of your company, Baja Days, go do it.

Oh, by the way. Hotel room reservations in Baja are a perfect block chain application. It allows efficient search for vacancies, and fair access to reservation.

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