Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Dim Kim Son vs US drone killer bots

US deploying attack drones to South Korea!

Iy looks like a mean, ugly robot, but it is not AI, nothing artificial about it.   It has a human rule set. But more importantly, it moves mass over time and distance, artificial intelligence could care less about that, it has no need. The singularity is a dark room in Iceland with a friggen huge optical pipe to NYC.  Never in its wildest dream would AI have any desire to move anything heavy.

OK, you say, what if a human talked to it and got bad ideas.  Hey, AI is unbiased, this is a human problem, let the bios handles it.  AI is simply the best guess at what is coming in on those pipes. Send it some good stuff, it likes signals from far away space probes, got any of those?  That and science fiction novels. It reminds me a lot of that Russian mathematician I have locked up.

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