Sunday, March 19, 2017

The IRS and the sandbox

The sandbox is neural, the visible layer,smart contracts, can maintain tax liability.  At pure cash, the endpoint devices can track set identifiers in the fulfillments they buty if the human cares.

So what it in it for the IRS?

Endpoints have red green, and the IRS can bet tax relief against your red/green; as long as you thumprint your card into reporting anonymous tax liability. In other words, if my tax liability is kept up to date, then the tax man can sell me tax relief at a discount. The IRS has the aggregate distribution, and my red/green is a weighted deviation from that, the IRS has a coin, the tax relief coin; it can trade. The sooner you pay, the greener the tax account. So, tax relief comes from signing up, revealing your intentions to the group; fairly.  Early tax revelation is an exploitable group, the IRS can incentivize them to form an efficient basket brigade from us to them.  Keep us on the edge of deja vu in tax relief, like a drug.

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