Saturday, March 4, 2017

The scrawled, complex character as a biometric match

The wallet has a scrawl pad. Use a penny as a tool and scrawl your secret character, something complex only an Asian could read it. The matching algorithms can create the optimum set of features to look for that make your scrawl the most unlike any other scrawl.  

 This is a patent free method, by the way. Hardware wallet companies are very much interested in effective biometrics.  Writing is very specific, just taking the user through a complex 'connect the dots' maze, making a memorized path in the scrawl path, very difficult to defeat. The pad is the same technology used for mouse pads on the laptop, cover maybe a square inch on the wallet. The first wallet company that produces this can have a free subscription to my blog.

Patent free, if you want the math that can get security up to 99.9%, call me. I have kidnapped another Russian mathematician.

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