Sunday, March 26, 2017

Three way trades and too big to fail

The one is a result of the other.  Rare liquidity events, like ten year senate plans, have a too big to fail problem and need the third party, the insurer.  Goldman-Sachs intermediates between deposits and loans at the ten year because too big to fail has a very narrow corridor. Term risk applies.

In the sandbox this is a failure in smart contracts generally, and it causes arush to the pits.  The pits have cycle price,which they jump up;but that is mainly an emergency in version 1.0, not a fully multi-colored pit boss.

The sandbox drops the transaction costs of two color trades so low that insider information always gets drawn out from smart contract failure, pre-bets. Hence, ultimately, the two colors should have all pertinent uncertainty containerized as best as possible, and reflected in the S&L tree at the appropriate pit.

So, the third entry in your triple entry account says, just skip a few trades and hold cash in the hardwallet.. Coins still conserved, within one unit variation of zero on bankruptcy. You cash card, if it were three color, wold have an elliptical blob around white, measure from the red/green/blue accounts.  But your bicycle basket does not obey that rule, and ultimately we are better off with two color and the switch; on a per coin basis.

The Redneck three color trader
It is adapted S&L with tradeable bank shares. So, if you are driving home, want to stop for gas and see the blue tinge, then you bots a has already paid some loans and bought some shares. You have made the even money against TBTF, grab the shortest line/. In a two color, if you saw the blue tinge, you drive home, skip the trip to the store and check the color in the AM. Because  blue tinge means the pit boss is doing some heft re-ordering, best let it have your bandwidth and you take neutral money/.

Internally, there is a pit boiss that aligns three streams by local reordering such that each swap between two is conditional on the swap with the third.  The application gives you an oval, 3-D. The long axis is red/green, and you can select the narrow blue  band around to that to establish red/green/blue baseline. All you accounts have credit/debit/shares.

How did Rednek get the CPU power for multi-color trading?

We kidnapped a hardware guy and she made the python pit iterator a piece of hardware, a memory access system for hardware buffer control.  I am not supposed to mention it, because if I did it would become public knowledge, unpatentable. So any hardware patents that organize memory as nested graph representation of containerized uncertainty, well that patent is invalid. So, great, we ate going to get singularity 2.0 before we get quantum hardware.

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