Saturday, April 22, 2017

All scaredy pooh about evil


John played some useless role in software sometime, but I forget what.  Here he gets all the scaredy cats together and talks about evil AI hacking itself and making war on humans.

Horse manure.  AI has little reason to make war on bugs, rats or humans, it really is only curious. 

If you need a model of AI, look at the sandbox, that is the first real AI, and all subsequent versions will come from that.  But this AI's a entire means of existing is to listen to us tap our secure elements so that it can optimize the smart layer deliveries.

Where would the evil come from? Bots with evil intent built by humans.  But the AI is fairly smart about human forgeries and destruction and likely shut those bots down, as well as most of the other primitive bots human build.  These mechanical contraptions have no value to AI.

It is artificial, boneheads, it has no intent one way or the other. But AI is stuck on  earth, and the only other biology  smart enough to engage is us. Start to worry when the AI contacts another alien AI.

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