Wednesday, April 5, 2017

And so are the doctors

For the 40,000 people living in and around Knoxville, TN, Humana was the only insurance company providing healthcare coverage for the 2017 plan year.  That said, even with their monopoly in the market, Humana still couldn't figure out a way to make money on the Obamacare exchanges in the 16 Tennessee counties where it was the sole insurer.  As such, the company has decided to cancel its coverage in 2018 potentially leaving Knoxville's 40,000 residents with no healthcare options at all.
Obamacare has tied all the doctor income to the insurance system,and pays 'market'. The net result is that no doctor can operate if there is no Obamacare regulated insurance. They will leave. Nancy never told us the part about supply line disruption. 

How did we get into the mess?

As near as I can decode, there was a plot in California tom concentrate the world's hospitals in Los Angeles, and build this global medical industry.  Nothing else makes sense. But everyone except the brainwashed knew this was mostly volatility for a long time.

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