Tuesday, April 4, 2017

California secessionists on the move

The director of yes California speaks:
Marinelli pointed to a recent opinion poll by Reuters/Ipsos showing one third of California residents now support breaking away from the U.S. The Reuters poll of 500 Californians, which was conducted from Dec. 6 to Jan. 19, found 32 percent support for the withdrawal. That compares with about 20 percent support, or one-in-five Californians, who backed the secession idea in 2014.
At the peak of the five California lot we got about the same numbers.  I see little alternative except we continue to be the  anchor on the US boat, who wants that? But

Here is what we have in store.

Jerry is putting up yet another gas tax, claiming it is to be used to increase global warming directly,  by giving it to Elon and hauling around empty steel cars.

But instead he intends to create global warming by handing out pensions and salaries.
But the money would be handed out to transportation interest groups with minimal cost controls. This bill would become yet another funding pot for salaries and benefits at organizations such as BART at the local level and Caltrans statewide.
Moreover, the taxes would increase annually with the consumer price index. For example, the gasoline excise tax would increase from 18 cents a gallon to 30, and the annual cost-of-living adjustment would be applied to the full 30 cents.
That might make sense if there were opportunities for future voter or legislative review. But there aren’t. This is a permanent tax hike with permanent annually cost-of-living increases, and no end date.
We little browns are screwed. 

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