Tuesday, April 11, 2017

California tax collecters misusing funds

Standard practice in California, use state funds to sneak money for your pals, then charge little browns the tax. Buy, there should be no complaint from legislatures, they do the same. 
CalWatch: The heated controversy came to a head this month in the wake of a devastating state administrative report showing bad accounting of nearly $50 million in funds. “Citing a review that found widespread mismanagement at the state Board of Equalization, State Controller Betty T. Yee […] called for stripping the panel of responsibilities for tax administration and audit and compliance functions so it can focus on handling taxpayer appeals,” the Los Angeles Times explained. “Yee’s proposal came in response to an evaluation by the state Department of Finance that found board officials were improperly redirecting resources and employees to pet projects in their districts.”

So this corrupt and stupid legislature from San Francisco complains, for some reason, that corruption is illegal. 
“I have no faith in the organization to adopt practices,” railed Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, who chairs the Assembly Budget Committee, according to the Bee. “You can adopt all the policies you wish. But I have zero faith that you will practice your polices because you have not demonstrated that.”

This is the same idiot who decided to build useless trail system to favor his buddies, and he voted humongous, and unaffordable pensions for his buddies.  He has no basis, he is yet another corrupt legislature. 

It matters not, the California dems are determined to drive all the little browns to Texas and Mexico. And replace them with a new batch of little browns fresh to swindle.

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