Sunday, April 16, 2017


A public policy research organization dedicated to individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peace

The only thing they really came up with is an alternative financial system that eliminates non-profit research organizations.

The entire basis of on-profits is government supplied currency insurance, you get a legally mandated surplus. What to do with the surplus if you are a libertarian? Figure out why government does such stupid things,  In the process, CATO becomes a profit organization.  They are stuck, they have invented away their socialist insurance and have no choice but to invest in the thing that took away their insurance.

It is like, they found their start up, what is holding them up? Get over the anxiety of lost currency insurance. Pure cash is just the mathematical boundary conditions that CATO specified in their alternative banking forum. I just matched that to what the mathematicians can do.

The old reverse psychology. I originally, years ago, accused CATO of being a bunch of socialist bums. In their brilliance, they completed a research program that proved me right.

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