Monday, April 10, 2017

Commies gone bananas

China government wants to track large data files leaving the country over the internet.  Their reason is bogus, they claim to be hunting terrorists,but they are really hunting for bitcoin blocks.  Bitcoin is back up near $1200, so the bitcoin consumers have found a way around the large mining shops in  Chain and are talking an indirect route to American miners.
Reuters: China's top cyber authority on Tuesday released a draft law that would require firms exporting data to undergo an annual security assessment, in the latest of several recent safeguards against threats such as hacking and terrorism.
Any business transferring data of over 1000 gigabytes or affecting over 500,000 users will be assessed on its security measures and on the potential of the data to harm national interests, showed the draft from the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC)
The monopoly currency era is over.  The PBOC  cannot even release a digital version of the yuan leasy we run the yuan  them through S&L technology, which we now have.  

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