Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Congestion math in the gold network

Let us define the network, daily pickup and two day delivery. I am letting one and two days count as queue size, using arrival rate relative to time; I introduce error.

But, otherwise, I pick up twice thew rate I deliver. I always have a slight surplus such that deliveries in process generally can be easily balanced such that my company does not own much 'bit error' gold. I price delivery, declare my  bit error process, go into business.  Now, here are a class of asset exchanges, a large class, that could us this; real estate swaps across cities, as well as goods exchange within cities.

There are reasons to hold personal gold, as there are reasons to hold digits in our secure elements.  A new entrant into town can deposit a few ounces and have some hard collateral.

Fully supported in the sandbox

Be a gold trader and tap the icon, your secure element can put and get pieces of gold using cryptogold coins, good damn near everywhere. As a gold trader you use have a tokenization format installed onto your secure device.  Wher ever your thumb print and secure  element are, gold will arrive.

Red/green required

The gold company will have to agree, with the thumbprint, on bounded variance for gold trades.  Government will wants a red/green for this, and your gold company can utilize the red/green setting to make gold allocation more that Shannon optimal, you can make it optimum congestion everywhere, on every denomination of gold.  Then you get a containerization algebra, you have clear basket sizes for stacking gold in compact form. So, invest in special, secure gold baskets and transportation; chain economies of scale up the chain. Specify standard issue Redneck compatible secure elements.

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