Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Deja Vu and time

You go to the store, all the counters have two in  line. YUu thinlk, I am not going to get stuck, I can get through the checkout without delay.  So you squander some extra time shopping, picking up odds and ends that might save you a trip later.

What is happening? You notice the Shannon lock, your inner Nyquist-Shannon nerve tingled.  That means you can extinguish the Shannon lock, you have inside information and can adopt optimum congestion.  In finance we see this when the hedge fund implicitly work around the schedule of rollovers. They know in advance the all he bond money is piled, Shannon lockstep, two to the queue. So the hedge fund goes shopping for the neglected assets, then hedge utilizes optimum congestion.n The bond market accumulates the losses as currency insurance,guaranteed by government tax payments.

In the sandbox

Think of Newton calculus in the smart layer, ito's calculus in pure cash. Semantically, I call pure cash the sandbox, but the techies consider sandbox to be both layers, which is OK.  Marketing folks will sort out the semantics.

On Deja Vu you know you will wait in line un-necessarily, you can use the extra time wandering the shelves.

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