Friday, April 28, 2017

Direct piston-electro conversion

Let's re-invent hybrid technology.

Remove the crank shaft please.  Let the piston rod run straight and true up and down, unconnected mechanically to anything.  Instead, it runs through the generator coil, say at fixed 3600 RPM, generating AC current.  Voila!  This is direct, piston to electricity.    This fixed speed engine can use larger pistons, maybe three pistons gets three phase. Change power factor using capacitors.

Now my airplane has a 400 pound motor-generator; equivalent to 1200 pounds of battery. My engine beats any battery flying machine from 10 kw on up.  Put the 100 kw in a car, beats any hybrid on the road, all electric, no mechanical drive anywhere. It can run on renewable covalent bonds. So long electric cars.

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