Saturday, April 29, 2017

Existing financial regulations in the pit

Myriads, especially in Europe.  Read the Auotrader mag, most of their articles are about new regulations.  The sand box deals with this easily.  We have th legacy tax currency tokenization, it just connects the holder to Fedwire.  Then treat the existing financial world as a giant ledger service, outside somewhere in the smart layer.  The existing system is no a burden to the sandbox, but the sandbox becomes very noticeable to traders in the old system.  They can upgrade at their own time and place. In other words, the secure element defaults to a standard credit card the holder is using for trades, for example.

This is a standard approach in deploying new software, leave a default mode for the old system, fenced in.  It works.  So, we will see a lot of isolating and sand boxing portions of the old system as traders see money to be made in bridging the two.

But, there is no hurry, the smaller alternative currencies and buyers clubs sit below the tax observability of central banking. The little browns, like us, can take full advantage without freaking out the deep state.  We carry them alongside as long as they don't jump ahead in line.

I am lousy at deployment, but we got pros.  Software industry done there, been this and carrying the old system is not a problem, and done without bias.  The pressure is the multi-currency system, government eventually has to compete.  The approach, get the simple S&L and secure elements running with the block chain ledgers, leave a slot for central banking, they will jump right in and do what conversion seems urgent.

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