Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Folsom school boards takes bribes cuts teachers

Start with the bribery system for school boards:
Construction, architecture, engineering and labor interests that could receive school building contracts are donating money to pass facilities bonds on Tuesday’s ballot.Donors had directed more than $110,000 toward passage of three Sacramento County bond campaigns benefiting Natomas Unified, Folsom Cordova Unified and Robla school districts as of Oct. 21, according to election records and the campaigns.Most funds come from companies and unions that could benefit from the building and refurbishing of schools. Bond campaigns use the money to produce mailers, signs and advertisements, as well as to cover the cost of consultants, phone banks and canvassing.

Superintendent Deborah Bettencourt took the unusual step in April of sending an email to Folsom Cordova Unified families and staff warning that the school district faces two years of red ink.

We see the pattern.  From San Diego to Folsom,. school board members were on the school construction bribery train due to low interest rates.  Now they cut teachers pay. This is classic timing for the bust, done only the way California could do.  I think they various vigilante group meet and plan recessions.

We do this in California because the county government system is 100% corrupt, as it is in Texas.  

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And we see tha pattyern. 

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