Saturday, April 29, 2017

Free entry and exit in the sandbox

Business Insider on Brexit:

The complexity comes down to the fact that a departure from the world’s biggest trading bloc has never been done before and was never supposed to happen.
And the Magic Walrus prayer

“Nobody has united here against the U.K.,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters as she left the meeting. “The British people have made a decision, which we will have to respect. But we remaining 27 now get together in order to speak with one voice.” 
Must price left over contracts:
Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who estimated the bill for checking out would be between 40 billion and 60 billion euros, said in an interview. The British “can’t get any more favors than a nation that isn’t in the EU,” he said. “The fact remains that it was their decision to leave the EU.” 
The standard guarantee against evolution

The final version demands the U.K. pay a bill that reflects what its already committed to the bloc’s accounts, including contributions through the end of 2020 when the current budget period ends. The EU also wants the British to agree to give European nationals living in the U.K. the right to remain there, including even those who arrive on the eve of Brexit. 

The sandbox handles regulation:

While she has suggested finance be included in any pact, the guidelines imply that would only be possible if the U.K. agrees to let the EU have continued regulatory oversight over banking. 

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