Sunday, April 9, 2017

From the point of view of the centrists in state

What have they got to bomb the Syrian?
Their implicit claim is to prevent the first use of WMDs, chem, bio, nuclear.  That must be the centrist claim, let's go with that.

First, why not just say it?  It is ot like we don't like the Syrian, it is simply that we have to bomb him if we are going to drop on the Dim Kim Son. The first is necessary to do the second. Why not just say that? Why all the cloak and dagger hidden signals which just make Trumpster look delusional.

It also implies that we do not have first use, you bomb the Syrian, you give up your rights also. You are stuck, their is no WFB at NRO to stutter around and make shit up, you got the restriction when you bombed the Syrian. Just say that.

Then Russia and Syria get it, we are going to poop on Kim, no hard feelings.

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