Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I can hardly wait to see the acceptance letters

Chicago high school students may soon need to create a plan for their future in order to graduate.Mayor Rahm Emanuel appeared on “CBS This Morning” on Wednesday to discuss his new proposal, which would require students to develop a post-high school plan before receiving a diploma.Chicago would be the first city to adopt such a requirement if the measure is approved by the city’s board of education.Under the proposal, all Chicago Public School students starting with this year’s freshman class would have to show an acceptance letter to a four-year university, a community college, a trade school or apprenticeship, an internship, or a branch of the armed services in order to receive their high school diploma.“We live in a period of time where you earn what you learn,” Emanuel said. “The school system of K through 12 is not applicable to the world and the economy and the world that our high school students are graduating to. So we’re moving to a pre-K to college model.”
Here at Redneck U, the undergraduates will be running the acceptance letter racket. I saw one of them:
"The student is accepted into the Redneck U brewery school"

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