Thursday, April 27, 2017

If there is no lump of labor then immigration is not useful


The central flaw in arguments alleging a negative impact on native employment due to the presence of foreign scientists and engineers is that they are based on the “lump of labor fallacy” – or the notion that there is a fixed number of jobs in the economy. Hence, the argument goes, if you increase the number of workers, you get lower wages and rising unemployment. But high-skilled tech workers grow the economic pie by boosting productivity, encouraging more investment and increasing entrepreneurship. Overall, they create jobs.

Thea author says it all in the boldface.  Read that passage, then ask why is he defending immigration? If there is no lump of labor, then all the skills we need come from encouraging more investment and increasing entrepreneurship

 All of these arguments have one thing in common, the authors do no believe in evolution, they believe in fairy godmother, then make up contradictory shit just to deceive. There is in fact lumps of labor, labor shortages happen all the time.

The corrct argument for immigration is a desire to make some existing group extinct, like the American Indian, or Vietnamese rice farmer.  The period of science denialism among the kanosian fools is over and done with, .

If there was no lump of labor then why is Illinois being evacuated and why is the  Chicago crime rate up to 1,000 murdered a year? All that is happening because kanosians plan evolution and lie about it.

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