Sunday, April 16, 2017

it is the Dems doing the price fixing

Lord committed his perceived original sin that morning on CNN's New Day. He was reacting to Congressional Democrats' current strategy to shut down the government unless payments of Obamacare subsidies to insurance companies continue, countering an idea Trump is considering to withhold those payments to bring insurers to the table to work on ending Obamacare's death spiral.
This is a summary of the Swamp debate on how to pay off the insurance companies.  The Dems, advised by incredible idiots, want to guarantee the break even for the insurance companies.  Now, in the sandbox, that gets bet as if the government promises to turn every red blooded American into a doctor or nurse,according to abilities.

This is a promise to buy every medical procedure applied by doctor to patient, and the supply of procedures is infinite, doctors can make shit up. This is why we avoid listening to dingbats like Pelosi.  The fact that economists lie about what is essentially a mathematical certainty blows the profession out of the waters of science.

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