Friday, April 14, 2017

It is not like they are hiding something

Univision peddles fake or altered news to fool their audience of little browns.

Everyone knows that, except the little browns, no one told them even though all the fraudsters claim to be on their side. So the effect is, say, someone asks who I am. I say, a little brown from California.  They say, "oh, you are one of those stupid shits that Univision is constantly conning".  See? The liberals steal our identity.  Try to be a normal Californian, and the liberals all insist you are a stupid shit that needs pretend magic.  It's like watching O'Reilley or Hannoty, just watching makes you a stupid shit.

When Univision reports a story in a dry, just-the facts manner without driving an angle or narrative, you know that something is up. Those are just the facts given the reputation that the network has chosen to craft for itself. In this case, a major story regarding a murder spree committed by an ultraviolent transnational gang -with untold national security implications- gets the "local crime story" treatment. Also, there is ZERO mention of immigration or immigration policy.
Anyone wondering whether any of the defendants were in the country legally had to find those answers in other media outlets. Univision, no doubt mindful of what reports of a bunch of illegal alien gangbangers on a murder spree might do to its immigration advocacy agenda, chose instead to remain mum on the subject- leaving those viewers not already in on the joke to believe that these gangbangers just immaculately transfigured themselves into Brentwood.

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