Saturday, April 1, 2017

Italy tests the Stork Theory

Source: The example of Vallombrosa is not an exception, rather the rule of what is happening in Italy, or what it could otherwise be called “profitable invisibility”.Until now local governments – especially the ones where elections are approaching – have been very careful in “disposing of” the migrants in secluded, peripheral areas, so that the locals would not notice their presence in their daily lives. Now, at an estimated rate of arrivals/replacements of over 250.000 a year it is going to be a (serious) problem to keep this “profitable invisibility”.In fact, as migrants are not confined to their housing and are therefore free to move around, by whatever public transportation is available the hard-to-hide consequence is that a city like Florence resembles every day more and more an African suk, with a young African man outside every commercial establishment begging for money or trying to sell useless Chinese knickknacks.
Grorge Soros has this theory that equitorial Africans can be converted  into Italians in one generation by begging. He may be correct. 

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