Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jared, sweetheart, in a year money won't trickle at all

Jared Bernstein is upset at another of the series in tax trickle down op eds.  Jared suffers permanent Magic Walrus. 

In fact, in a year, money will be rather spontaneous, and none of Jared's price fixes in government will work anymore.  And that is Jared's real concern, he wants his people to have the right to price fix against the other people.  

No one is price fixing in the new regime, unless they take a chance in smart layer. Sorry, Jared, the time has come. Do all the manipulations you want, just central banking  is now a thing of the past, auto-traded cash is the new reality.

Supply-side, trickle-down nonsense on the NYT oped page: There’s a robust debate to be had as to why the NYT published this op-ed on the alleged economic benefits of trickle-down tax cuts, as virtually every paragraph touts an alternative fact. It is the opinion page, I guess, and the authors advise (or at least advised) the president, so I can see why it’s there. But it does require debunking, so thanks NYT, for some make work.

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