Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jerry Brown's gas tax fraud in the news

The gas tax is a transfer from efficient energy users to inefficient  users. At this point  Jerry has simply given up on reality,  there is none  in our  legislature.  Environmentalists in California have globally warmed everywhere, they themselves have been the environmental catastrophe.

Orange County Register on the gas tax:

One of the more compelling arguments against the tax hikes was that the state has failed to prioritize transportation spending, so why should citizens accept higher taxes. In response to this, the proponents in the Legislature swore up and down that, unlike all the broken promises before, this time the money would actually go to roads and highways. To show they meant it, the Legislature also passed Assembly Constitutional Amendment 5, which they claim would protect those dollars against the type of diversion that has consistently occurred in the past.However, it is now clear that ACA5 is just another smokescreen that will allow the new tax hike dollars to go to all sorts of things other than roads and highways.

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