Monday, April 17, 2017

Jerry Brown's original intent was to remove democracy

Well surprise me.

I thought that Jerry's Dills Act was intended to remove denocracy indirectly.  But note what the law specifies in the bold below.  Unions have the absolute right to  negotiate local legislation even though they are unelected private  parties.  This is a cause for secession and nullification.
Last week, the appellate court ruled the labor board erred when finding in 2015 that former San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders and the city council committed an “unfair labor practice” by declining to “meet and confer” with labor unions before Proposition B was placed on the ballot.Lacking the city council votes needed to place a pension reform on the ballot, Sanders and former City Councilman Carl DeMaio, the author of the reform, helped lead and support the initiative campaign.The support of Sanders and other city officials for the the initiative’s development and campaign is “undisputed,” the court said. But the “meet and confer” obligation only applies to measures placed on the ballot by the governing body, not by citizens gathering voter signatures.

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