Thursday, April 13, 2017

Let's call it common law

Is bitcoin money? Buffalo judge says no
There is a common law, implicit definition of money, the tax dollar, it can pay taxes.  Recognize this common law and then all these debates and issues are resolved in court.

Money laundering is all about tax and regulation avoidance, with respect to the tax dollar.  My house is not money because government does not directly allocate one of my bedrooms to house a government agent, generally.

From the point of view of the sandbox, government can tax any digits that auto trades,  with thumb print pemission. (No special code in the sandbox).  Will government attempt to tax every single type of digit passed around? Sure will, ain't nothing government does not want to tax.  Get the thumb prints to agree, the sandbox don't care. The technology is absolutely neutral about tax collection.

Nothing really to add here. We are just tripling the efficiency of exchange, and we do this every generation. So, no miracles other than accounts will be more accurate., government spending more visible. Senators will quit betting time,mostly. But the key word is mostly, they still have to bet time but on a much shorter scale. Over the long haul of history, the sandbox is part of a long term trend.

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