Monday, April 24, 2017

Let's invent the kilometer reflector telescope and cure global warmng

Look, building a kilometer in diameter light collector is a no brainer as long as the relative imperfections of the parabola can be measured and deconvolved from the image. So we can imagine an unfolding super structure in low earth orbit. We have a connector system, and haul up the curved sheets in mechanical stacks with an unfolding mechanism built in, semi-automated.   Then, we need to float a 3d focal plane out farther, another 100 Km, in a slightly different orbit. The focal plane is semi-elliptical, collecting in both lateral and radial.  But, using coordinated orbits, we can dump a variety of the smaller focal planes to orbit  above a smaller number of huge reflectors.  Take everyone's position, but use a known astro object for final focus adjustment. Just do not let the singularity listen unless the signals closely censored.

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