Thursday, April 20, 2017

My readers can see why I am a quite paranoid blogger

It is not that my Overton window is too big for the web? No it is that I am actually, violently targeted on a monthly basis by a government organized band of mostly county agents who attempt to kill me and my family. It is actually real.

Half the threats I deal with are the meth induced. The other half are the unparented kids, of all ages, produced by the racist Cal democratic party, and taught to hate whites.  The unparented have threatened the corner grocer, and me; assaulted me, specifically for being white male, sick dogs on me, threatened to burn down my house, and they lay in wait to shoot me dead on my favorite bike path. My chances of dying by murder are likely 2% given my life style. I ride bike in the pedestrian district of a mid sized mild temperate town; otherwise targeted by government conspiracy because of race and gender.

Count the years. 1810  until the civil war, a lot happened that could have prevented he catastrophe.  50 years, that is how long the cal dem party, and government, have been on a conspiracy to oppress white people. Our reparations are done and paid for, this is not a white man's burden,  send the government hate squad elsewhere.

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