Sunday, April 2, 2017

NYT issued fake news about the invasion of Europe

The NYT puts out the usual Doonesbury cartoon version of the  mass migration on account they support the Soros war against old Europe/.  Here is the corrected version of fake news.
Regarding the subject of “no-go-zones,” this is largely a question of semantics. If you say that there are some areas where even the police are afraid to go, where the country’s normal, secular laws barely apply, then it is indisputable that such areas now exist in several Western European countries. France is one of the hardest hit: it has a large population of Arab and African immigrants, including millions of Muslims.I have been writing about the problems in Sweden and the rest of Europe for many years. The problems are unfortunately all too real. Here are a few facts:
Who is sending all the immigrants to France? 

 Merkel. Her plot is to get them all in Germany for the winter, knowing full well they end up in France the net spring. We do the same out here in th West.  We sort through the immigrants from Chicago and Detroit, the immigrant already driven to poverty by the kanosian pension plot. The immigrants who are sick and poor go to California, otherwise if you can work and want a job, go to Texas.

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