Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ray Dalio says the senators cannot give him currency insurance

Dalio is head of the largest hedge fund. 

His complaint, quite simply, is the Swamp is broke from some idiot  monetary theory dreamed up by kanosians.  The solution is to ditch the idea that us little browns plan to pay this bonehead his insurance pay out.  It is not that we are unwilling to give him our homes, it is that we already gave our homes to him during the last wealth insurance pay out. I blame the kanosians. 
BI: "All of these tensions will be exacerbated," Dalio added. "The wealth gap and the tensions between the groups will be exacerbated — the effectiveness of monetary policy in stimulating an economy is less than it used to be."In addition, Dalio said, "the asset prices have benefited and are now high as a result of the liquidity that has been put in." He added: "We're near the best we can be.

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