Monday, April 3, 2017

Redneck U offers on line semester course in fake news

Facebook, Mozilla Launch Fund to Fight Fake News (FB, GOOG)
The Redneck on line course takes students through the basics of writing and distributing fake news as good as the traditional fake news media.  The course in parts:
  • How to re-order exiting headlines to evade the censor and change meaning
  • How to utilize existing fake news to introduce products and services for sale
  • How to decode fake  news proposals from bonehead tech execs
  • How to discipline delusional silicon valley kids with automated technology to put them out of business
  • How organize conspiracies with circular references
  • How to use reference designs to entice and persuade  markets into fake money
The course is open to all, each participant must sign the diversity waiver form.  Send tuition checks to me. The course is a pre-requisite for decoder ring 101, the two semester intro in semantics processing.

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