Sunday, April 16, 2017

Senators bankrupting the Swamp

The Hill tells us about the demand for more and more spending by all parties the Swamp and the resulting bankruptcy and shutdown. Let us go through each of the multiple path s available for our glorious bankruptcy:

Covered this one.
ObamaCare payments President Trump’s threat to withhold ObamaCare insurance payments is throwing an eleventh-hour wrench into the negotiations.
Sanctuary cities is code word for bankrupt city government who cannot afford to police neglected, dferanged inner city kids.
Sanctuary citiesA fight over immigration looms large over the funding negotiations.
This is mot about immigration. This is about westward migration and the collapse of the NorthEast
Border securityGOP leaders had signaled they were preparing to leave a key Trump priority —money to pay for a southern border wall — out of the bill in order to avoid a shutdown.
The start of the pension stampede
Miners healthcare and pensionsRust-belt lawmakers are turning their attention to the end-of-the-month shutdown deadline as part of their latest push to get a “permanent” fix on the healthcare and pensions for miners and their families. 
McCain being the father of nearly 2 trillion in defense procurement blunders. As a result about hal of us are enemies of the Swamp. It is us you need to defend against otherwise we are sticking every single Arizona citizen for every single one of that the 2 trillion spent on stupidity and blundering.
Defense money A long running fight over defense spending is expected to come to a head with the government funding deadline looming.

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