Friday, April 28, 2017

The hardware wallet meeting

They want to do this:

“Having a safe and positive end-user experience is incredibly important to Bitcoin’s success, as is ensuring that the wallets themselves are both interoperable and robust,” Mr. Yemelyanov told Crypto Insider ahead of the meeting. “Over the last few years, the Bitcoin ecosystem has been maturing and it made sense that efforts should be made to foster coordination between interested Bitcoin wallet developers so that they can discuss the ways in which they can inter-operate with one-another, discuss the best security practices, take a look at upcoming technologies and answer each-other’s questions.”

Too complicated a statement but on the right path.
Let me make the correct statement:

Hardware wallet vendors will develop the cash card such that you tap on a glittery object an it becomes yours. Just like cash.

Second, as you tap, your wishes, wants and desires are incorporated into Singularity 1.0 which sets aside space in the pure cash network for you, you are always represented in the monetary system without bias. Never again will some bozo step ahead of you in line because of some political or unrevealed insider information.

That is what you want to tell folks.

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