Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The son-in-law mess is becoming obvious

The Mises blog has noticed we are entering a war bankruptcy fairly quick thanks to the little twerp.  This was strictly an Israeli manipulation, then the Trumpsters  too stupid to notice.
It is now increasingly clear that the Trump administration is going to be at least four years of endless war, budget-busting spending, massive deficits, and more big government in general. His demonstrated preference is not for addressing the issues that won him the Rust Belt states. He's a war president now, and has better things to do.Moreover, Trump has already declared 75 percent of the federal budget to be off limits to budget cuts, and has pledged to spent a trillion more in infrastructure spending on top of the already bloated social-spending budgets that he has pledged to not touch. He has also called for $50 billion more in military spending, in just the next year alone. 
This is not all Trumpster, a whole generation of delusional baby boomers caused the catastrophe.  But to have some one in the White House who, in a momentary lapse, decides to start WW3!  And the Pentagon idiots still do not know what happened. Do not join the  military until this crap gets straightened out.

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