Monday, April 17, 2017

The surprises of California Franciscan law

I was truly surprised about the restrictions on speech and assembly. According to California Law, unelected unions have the right to sit in on elected city and county meetings, and debate issues! A direct violation of the right of free speech and assembly.

The racism out here is horrible, as you all know we can sue a freely elected official, and the judge will kick the official out of office, if you don't like his skin color!  Then we have judicial mandates the restrict us fro having district vs open elections, a direct judicial restriction on freedom of assembly.

I find three US Constitutional violations of the most egregious type.  Sotomayor would approve all three, and that is sufficient cause for nullification and secession of every village and town in California.  All the pension contracts could easily be proved illegal, in any sensible federal court.  The were all made under judicial Franciscan tyranny in direct violation of prime clauses in the Constitution.

The union property rights are figgen useless.  There only enforcement provision is the willingness of union cops to apply force.  Otherwise, given the constitutional requirements, the rest of us can move to our own currency, since Jerry Brown and the BatShits have destroyed any basis of law.

When a bit of extremism become reality

In the extreme, I said, maybe California gave up democracy permanently.  I never thought we had already reached the extreme.  The California rule holds, unless the union committee is right there voting their own unelected approval of the changes. The California rule is  the law.  Technically, the unions have to approve the California Supreme Court rulings, as if they had a couple of judges on board.

We are just seeing the ramification of Jerry and the Dills act, I do not think this is over. Consider the dubious legal nature of the pension agreements. Add the realization among the millennials that they did not vote for Dills Act.  Union members will freak, and we get a pension stampede.

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