Sunday, April 2, 2017

UK economists universally discounted UK debt

At least according to SWL

I am not going to argue the merits of this debt, but certainly UK mainstream economists must have seen this chart, and had split decision.

In fact, I can tell SWL and the BoE that debt cannot compound to infinity, and prove it with some simple math analysis, mainly showing that there is always uncertainty in currency such that infinite is out of the question. There is a limit. You have to place a series of currency insurance wedges, called term premiums, they accumulate.

If any of this mainstream crew of UK economists (dead or alive) want to debate me, come and debate. They will not SWL, because they know I am right, the UK economy does not do infinitely smooth recursions. you have a debt limit which, if exceeded, causes debt restructure.

OK, if all these brilliant UK economists can agree with that, then SWL, the sudden rise in debt from 40% of GDP to 90% of GDP, once in a generation, will cause a split, a discussion. Your claim is patently false, there could not have been a consensus, if was merely a wish on your part.

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