Tuesday, April 11, 2017

We call this Tea Party stupidity

Tea party policy.  

None of these bozos ever look at a map, most Tea party idiots being geographically clueless.  So when some bozo in the Swamp declares a 4 trillion dollar war, the Tea Party is all on board with paying some 3% of their income for life, covering their own idiocy.
But if Trump’s new policy is that the US will bomb Assad every time there’s a barrel bomb attack that kills civilians, as Spicer plainly suggested, then the US will be bombing Assad every day. America will be engaged in a full-scale war against Assad, whether the Trump people call it that or not.This policy seems so at odds with everything else the administration is saying — all officials, including Spicer, have suggested the US doesn’t intend to topple Assad by force — that it’s hard to believe Spicer meant what he said. Yet he repeated the line later in the briefing, saying that barrel bombs could trigger “further action” from the United States.

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