Wednesday, April 19, 2017

When the unparented kids are anti white racists, that is not a white man's burden

Liberals like to blame the white victim, claiming somehow we are skin color racists.

Not it at all.  White folks do not associate with unparented kids who are unruly, dangerous, uncooperative and uneducated.  It does not matter what race they are, or even if they are a race. Sane white people avoid the situation, naturally.

In California the anti-white racism is not natural, it was imported by the liberals and imposed by law.  Yet whites have no  burden to bear, we had nothing to do with whatever grievance some racial group  might have. Nor are whites all to keen on continued funding of unparented child bearing, especially when the unpoatrented turn back on white violently. Perhaps the liberals might think this through.

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