Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Where is the 50 billion in taxes you promised. Bill?

First he claims Microsoft will pay 50 billion in taxes for all the accountants and secretaries Microsoft put out of work.  Then he skips out on the payment. Now he wants a Swamp subsidy!  Can anyone believe the horse manure from this college dropout? 
Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates says he’s counting on Donald Trump’s pragmatism when it comes to the president’s policies on health spending and foreign aid.
“I’ve talked to him about HIV and how the U.S. should be proud of our work there,” Gates said in an interview with Bloomberg Television’s Manus Cranny in Geneva, less than a month after meeting with Trump at the White House. “This dialog is important: you’ve seen his pragmatism on a number of things, and I’m certainly hoping that these health-related budgets receive some of that attention.”

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