Saturday, April 15, 2017

Why are tax payers trusting the insuance companies?

Former CEO of a medical insurance company 
Why any CEO would trust the flawed political process to foster a stable business environment is beyond my comprehension. Even Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform in his Way Forward Republican plan for health care would face similar trust issues.
This guy is the usual communist. If government is in  the medical business then insurance companies what little brown to cover their risk.  It is easy to do, just tell Jerry and the Californians to tax the hell out of little brown people, we love that out here. However, what this insurance executive wants becomes a nation in which we are all doctors, and no patients.  That way everyone gets the government guarantee.

It is a long tax loop.  

The little browns get taxed a few years from now for bills the insurancec ompanies incur today.  So, it is a fraud, a cheat mostly on the little browns who have obscured view of the tax flow.

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