Sunday, April 9, 2017

Why do female affirmative women fail a sense of the law?

As the Los Angeles Times notes, California’s Democratic attorneys general have represented a major and often-overlooked stumbling block to reforming the state’s pension system. That’s because they are charged with writing the ballot measures that voters must approve to cut back on public sector benefit accruals. (Under California law the legislature can increase public sector pensions but cannot reduce them without a constitutional amendment). And though there is significant public support, even in deep-blue California, for modestly scaling back pensions, the attorney generals can ensure that no language with an actual chance of passing makes it onto the ballot.

The females selected from the secretary pool have no logical model. Believe me,. they are not all that stupid, the affirmative action committees are deliberately picking boneheads for their personal advantage. The government systems fail because nullification and default  become acceptable. The affirmative action gals were told they can make shit up and the men will support. Hogwash, the men will  leave the bimbos to rot when the line is crossed.

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