Thursday, May 11, 2017

Above democracy

Janet  Napolitano's job at UC is denial of democracy and rule by unions.  That is why she was hired. Of course Jerry will not fire her, he wants her to preserve union rule, Jerry is as undemocratic as the rest of the totalitarian crew.
University of California President Janet Napolitano, the former Arizona governor and director of Homeland Security under Barack Obama, showed off her political skill at a joint legislative oversight hearing last week. She was being “grilled” about a recent state audit alleging that her office — about the size of some small countries — held an “undisclosed” fund of $175 million even as it was significantly hiking tuition on UC students.The scathing audit, which I wrote about for the Spectator last month, also accused the university of spending excessively on pay and benefit packages, producing “inconsistent and misleading” budget presentations and — most shocking to some legislators — interfering with the audit process. Napolitano was slick and apologetic, as she simultaneously denied the allegations and agreed to implement all 33 recommendations Auditor Elaine Howle made in the report.

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